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Motherhood is “Epic”

A Day in the Life of Me
Being a mom is one of the most underpaid, over worried, over exaggerated, Over protective, Under paid, have I mentioned UNDERPAID????? Every now and then I find myself in need of a catharsis since it is after all proven to provide healing and sanity after the abundant flow of artful thought high impact emotions on a low impact mindset. Sounds like a washing machine at an aerobics class…..but NO, it’s simply a day in the life of me.
Now lets look at what it must be like to experience the aftermath of two teenage girls and a blood stained pillowcase of a ten year old.
In one week, I have experienced discipline, teaching a 17 year old to drive, how to follow rules of life and road signs, listening to the “Mom, I’m gonna be 18 soon, you have 22 days to get ready….” Now what is this exactly that I am getting ready for???? Obviously it must be scary otherwise she would not have me preparing for this whole new phase of living the life of being 18…. What does that mean exactly???? Then there is the faith tattoo designed on the family computer that shelly says she will get when she is 18, then this week she asks me for a cartledge piercing. I think that is what it is. It’s an ear thingy that I am assuming has an earring. See how I am completely naïve to this new way of expression. I get this whole need for expression so again….this mom is comprimising battles….you know “pick your battles.” By 45 I will have my PhD in Comprimise. Then at the bank, Krissy decides she MUST go into the bank to make her deposit and I was exhausted so I said “NO we will do the drive through and she states she is going into the bank…..SHE STATES…………..Now when did she gain authority to make the statements………… While throwing her tantrum in the parking lot of the IBC bank, my low fuel light turns on while she is threatening to go into the bank while the car is still moving, and we head home and it’s suddenly like we have shifted continents because one minute we are in the battle zones of War country and the next they are in some pleasant little island…”mom, take us to the paint store so we can choose paint…we’re painting our room”………..Oh my gosh!!!!! It’s like a manic episode of the life of a teenage girl. Then there is a concert at the House of Rock, I said…”Let me think about this venue some……….So Dave and I agreed we will go check out this venue for Christian concerts before we allow Krissy to go….I think. Great compromise……. Well then, the 15 year old starts in on how now that Krissy is 18, she gets to do stuff and the argument begins between them about curfews, being 18 and being 15……….. YES…. People we have left the island of rainbows where rooms were being designed and painted. You ask……How many days in between……PEOPLE……..It was 45 minutes. Now we are obviously in the Bronx and the girls are duking it out so I referee and somehow they join together and I am suddenly in gear with my Tyson attire confused as to what just transpired in our living room. AM I completely confused, insane, cathartic? YES YES YES!!!!!!
What is it like to be me? Well…………I travel a lot…………emotionally, physically and I drink lots of diet coke. LOTS!!! My girls take me through wonderful valleys and we hike up through many hills and we visit many rainbows and we fly from continent to continent in less than one hour and I love them and I laugh with them and I enjoy them and I am a winner in motherhood. Don’t try and take my badge because IT IS MINE AND I HAVE EARNED IT!!!
I would not have my life any other way……….Thank goodness I am surrounded by other moms, counselors and a loving Father.

None of this makes any sense………….I think it is meant to be that way. Motherhood makes no sense,….Didn’t you know that??????? It all makes no sense. There is no cure, it is just EPIC!!!!

Motherhood is EPIC!!!!!!

You see this sweet pictureof these two precious sweet girls……….Don’t get deceived…They are contemplating and plotting the next trip for me………..See those trails…..They are EPIC!!!!!!!

MOTHERHOOD IS EPIC! …………………but…………I wouldn’t have it anyother way : )

Mom’s find comfort in knowing that motherhood is a blessing! I promise.


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