Building bridges one family at a time….

Just a couple of weeks in my shoes

Godines family in need of car miracle, prayers, encouragement,,,,,,,

 : / In less than 2 weeks, we have had to overhaul Dave’s car when we had to replace a cylinder (suddenly went from 4 cylinders to 3=not good), then the next day Krissy’s car stalled and we had to fix her starter, then a few days later her distributor left her on Everhart, so we had to buy a new one (not cheap….. a starter and a distributor) plus we had to pay towing fees (they ask for sticker price …those towing companies).

Not to mention the mechanic and all his fees which have been adding up rather quickly in less than two weeks, then last night I drove home from work and noticed my car leaked all the oil in the garage and checked my car to find that I had no oil left in my car. So off to mechanic AGAIN with yet one more vehicle, and more car parts to order, of course NOT in stock, so this morning we order a new timing belt, crank seal, cam seal, more seals, more oil, and the ignition switch (in stock) is broke and needs replacing, blah blah blah and looks like no car for me till possibly Friday. After Dave’s car had open heart surgery last week, and all incurred expenses with Krissy’s car, and now mine, which Dave is just mentioning to me that they are also doing open heart surgery on mine, as they remove the entire top part of my car to get to the area that is need of repair,….let’s just say….. the Godines pocket book has dwindled down to a financially broke migraine.

And we have a dishwasher repair man in the kitchen repairing the dishwasher……. And lets not forget about our battle with the City of Corpus Christi who are certain that it is correct that our bill range from 245.36 on up to 336.00 monthly. Am I venting????? Probably yes…….

Ten years ago, I might have developed a bad attitude. Today, I sit here and I begin to search for Joyce Meyers. I need a Joyce Meyers morning. That is exactly what I need. God, coffee, and Joyce all in that order. On the plus side, the cars will get fixed, Dave is eating a taco with the mechanic, the dishwasher MAY/POSSIBLY, finally get fixed, I have Advil somewhere in this house, JD is making me coffee, Krissy is dealing with the repairman, Michelle is sleeping through all the drama( not sure how this is a plus), God has blessed me with a job to help pay for all these extra’s, and I am about to embark on a new journey as I write my book, I get to share God with others, and I have Southwest eggrolls in my freezer, (not feeling a lean cuisine today…..In need of comfort food) and we get to end the year with a bang (that is the sound you will hear as the coins drop into our jar that is almost depleted)

All of this….as much as it has cost, as much as it has burdened us, is just a small little setback and I find great strength and what a wonderful testimony I will have in a few weeks………

Halleluiah Halleluiah!  Great things are ahead!

What I want others to know is that we have a hope that is extended to us and all we have to do is grab it. That hope is God. Often times, people will get stuck in the ruins of a series of bad events. That is all it is…a series of a bad day extended. Grab your hope and find comfort in knowing that He truly does see each and every struggle. Take this opportunity to reflect on your life, run a little check on your faith, your relationship with Christ and overhaul and fine tune that area.

Now where’s that Advil????

Love and Hugs! -Marie


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