Building bridges one family at a time….

Just another day in paradise

“If it is not one thing it’s another…..”

“When it rains it pours…..”

“When life gives you lemons……”

“When push comes to shove……”

Blah blah blah….. I get it! I have become personally acquainted with each of these and many other phrases.

Life does get sort of complicated for many couples and for families. “Rest and Trust in the Lord” is the phrase I like best.

Just in this day which has not quite arrived at 3 p.m., I continue to home school my son, plans being made on Bible study, redirected JD’s Bible reading, cared for my 16 year-old who was scratched by the cat, called in the repair man to fix the washer, paid the mechanic for Krissy’s car repairs, sent Krissy out with my credit card to buy her college books and I am certain I still need to pay her parking permit for this next semester. I even delegated groceries to her. Michelle is sick but schooling upstairs. JD is hungry and asking for lunch. I’m late on meals today. Still need to finish paperwork and let’s not forget the paintball on our front door. (Now what kid was responsible for that yellow paint.) (The price we pay for being the corner home where the kids wait for their Bus.) ……….and I have to ship a package and begin writing my book. Can someone say: “ Calgon” Oh and do you recall we are water rationing but we just lost gallons of water thanks to the washer that is now fixed after being charged $225.00…………..Good grief!

Parents… rest assure this is enough stress to make any woman cranky. You know when you don’t trust and rest in the Lord, then it certainly does become a stressful chaotic day and when your spouse gets home, then two crankies does not make for a nice Tuesday evening.

Do not become a victim of your day. Yes even a day like today is absolutely a wonderful day in paradise!

So shake off the series of mishaps, cry if you must (I recommend to release the bad chemicals), and kindly reframe your mind to a new day ahead.

So onward I go to continue to soak up the water in our washroom and wait for Krissy to get home with her receipts so I can sum up the damage to our college budget.

Dave will get home and not even know what happened because I wore my pink super woman cape and handled all the mishaps.

 I WILL get me a foot massage though : )

Women, be flexible, be kind and always remember that God is ALWAYS on your side.

I am thankful that these mishaps happened when I was home to delegate and deal with.

This is not a bad day. It is just another day in my paradise. Now let me call Hollywood to see if they have a spot for our family. We really do provide for a great Reality TV show.

Love & Hugs! -Marie


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