Building bridges one family at a time….

Dating our Kids: Ideas on Building Bridges that Connect

How is your Daughter’s Love tank? How is your son’s Love tank?

At least once a month, it is important that Dave and I date our kids. I take the girls, he takes JD and sometimes we switch. I take JD and he takes the girls. Kids have love tanks too and they do run low on fuel. Actually their fuel tanks are often radically fluctuating just because their brains are radically fluctuating. Their tempo and language is different so spending some time learning to speak their language is enhancing to your relationship.

Remember that as parents we must fill our marriage tanks before we begin fueling the family tanks. This is foundational. Oh and before you fill your marriage tank, please fill your God tank. We just cannot run or function properly without God’s love and connection to our heart. This connection leads to how we think, feel and act. I need God to filter my heart through His word before I act when it comes to my marriage and my teens. Trust me…You need God when you raise teenagers. Actually you just need God all the time…. He sure does help me through the foriegn teen language days. I recommend dating when it comes to our children. Date them even as early as 2 years old. Critical period and attachment…….. Start connecting early.

Dating our Kids: Ideas on Building Bridges that Connect

For Mothers and Daughters

  • Picnics
  • Road trip with sweet romantic music (our choice is Michael Buble’, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Ritchie…)
  • Dinner date (Get all dressed up)
  • Desserts are affordable at $5-$7.00 each
  • Dessert date at the Republic of Texas
  • Dessert date at Luciano’s
  • Dessert date at any quaint little find
  • Mall
  • Movie
  • Coffee or Tea at The Glass Pavilion
  • Bed and Breakfast for a night
  • Lunch dates
  • Send them an invitation that they must RSVP to
  • Make a customized coupon (i.e. You may redeem this coupon for 1 girls night out for dessert of your choice at your favorite place, or You may redeem this coupon for a sweet treat at ……Ice Cream Shoppe, or You may redeem this coupon for a red velvet cupcake from a Cupcake shoppe
  • Pedicures at home
  • Take out food and a movie or cook together and watch a sweet movie
  • Or Pedicures at the Salon
  • Bike riding

Little Girls:

  • Tea at The Glass Pavilion
  • Dress shopping
  • Flower gardening
  • Cheesecake factory
  • The Chocolate Shoppe
  • Water Gardens
  • Painting canvas together
  • Cooking together, baking together
  • Sewing aprons, decorating, decoupaging
  • Making a wreath together
  • Making hair bows together
  • Making glycerin soap together or potpourri (they will be so excited when they bathe with their soap or smell their potpourri in their rooms
  • Lunch dates
  • Movie dates
  • Dinner dates

Father-Son dates: or father-Daughter dates

  • Car racing at Fun Trackers
  • Dinner dates
  • Movie dates
  • Golf
  • Miniature golf
  • Horseback riding at Mustang Island
  • Bowling
  • Fishing
  • Bike riding
  • Paddle boats at the T-Heads
  • Tour Boat at T-Heads
  • Aquarium
  • Lexington, museums…..
  • Picnics
  • Hiking on Ennis Joslin
  • Duck Pond on Holly
  • Turtle and snake feeding on Aaron Drive at Bridge by Grant Middle school
  • Tree Climbing

-Just a few ideas that we as a family have tried. I took JD out for a date and introduced him to sushi,

Dave took girls shopping and we met after our dates for desert…… all five of us.

Happy Dating!


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