Building bridges one family at a time….

Obedience does NOT have to Feel Fatal

It is not about changing those around you but rather what can you do to make small changes in you, and how can you grow and sprout up towards and unto God? Obedience does not have to feel fatal. There is pleasure, love, joy, friendship….. in a person’s faithful obedience. Keep pouring your 8 oz. glasses of water into that 55 gallon barrel. It will eventually begin to overflow on you.

After 21 married years and 26 dating years with my sweet friend and loving companion where it has somedays felt like we were on a fighter jet traveling through turbulent skys, it is the 8 oz. glasses of water that have blessed our marriage. It starts small and in tiny little  incriments. It is a continuous pouring of unconditional love, even when we only felt like pouring tablespoons of water into our barrel. Keep pouring my friends!!! Keep pouring!!!! Obedience can be fulfilling when you pour from 1 Peter 1:22.

“Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have

sincere love for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart.”

This week I have spent my share crying in frustration with being apart from my family and strained because I am a woman who desires reltionships… I enjoy lunch dates with my friends, shopping with my girls…, attending every social event I am invited to, dinners with Dave, dates with my BFF Leona…….. the couples dates with our friends…..I felt disconnected. Thankfully I had enough water in that barrel that I felt it in sweet texts from gal pals and facebook messages, plus encouragement throughout the week.

This Barrel of water does not only apply to marriage but also to relationships. Recall, WE are Relational beings! I encourage you to begin to think differently this week, to fill barrels, to love eachother pure and deeply from the heart.

Ways to fill your barrels: Couples:

  • cooking
  • notes on pillow
  • texts
  • emails
  • glass of their favorite drink just because
  • offering to help
  • stop, drop and snuggle
  • polish her toe nails ( dave had fun doing this for me once and it turned out to be an awesome and fun date)
  • I have tons more but I have an NCE exam that is pulling me so I will list more next week but I think you get the idea……

Friendships, Children:

  • Notes
  • facebook messages
  • cooking
  • baking
  • surprises
  • showing up to their room and just plopping your self down on the floor (if little ones) or (if teens) at the foot of their bed……..
  • I will post more ideas next week.

The idea is get to know your spouse, get to know your family, love them, love them ,love them and grow unto God with a heart of obedience which in truth is a heart of Christ.

Love & hugs from me to you! -Marie


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