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Fighting the Battle between your Ears

Marriage is often about fighting the battle between your ears.

What we hear sure CAN get us into a heck of a whole bunch of trouble if not filtered properly. Perhaps cleaning out your sifting dish will allow you to discern more accurately and gracefully.

That means getting rid of any emotional baggage that may lead to a skewed way of thinking. That means getting rid of perception fallacies. That means removing your own emotional content from the receiving end, and that means listening wholeheartedly without interrupting.
We could either enhance our relationships by allowing God to filter what happens in our brain or we could continue on the path of self direction. Not sure about you, but last time I let the ‘self” in me lead me, that didn’t go too well.
Is your perception getting in the way of building a healthy relationship? Is your emotional baggage seeping through the cracks? Are you hearing more than is really being said?
If so, start by having meaningful dialogue.  More importantly, let God filter your thoughts. Do they align with Christ? Do they honor and glorify Christ? Do they build up or do they tear down? Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5, to build each other up. He instructs us to live peacefully with one another.
Am I listening from a place of love or am I hearing through perception?

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