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You’ve Got Mail!

stacked_letters2How could I switch to electronic mail when I don’t even like the tangible mail that comes in. I could delete the mail or ignore it, but then I’d be in a heap load of financial trouble.

They just keep stacking up. Every day I dread opening the mail for there will be yet another Cigna envelope that awaits me.

So I decided to pretend the mail was not there. Now I have a heap load of stacks everywhere!!!

What keeps me from facing these mountains? What keeps anyone from facing their situations. A misunderstanding of faith, fear, doubt and uncertainty……..

In the case of James 1:6-8,  that text is saying that we should always pray positively, not doubtingly. Our faith should be in the fact that the God of Heaven and Earth will hear our prayer and He will be prepared to respond. Yes, we should expect a dynamic response! Why not? He is the Ruler of the Universe!! If we pray in a doubting or uncertain way, we become ‘…like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.’ (James 1:6).

God’s wisdom and knowledge is far above ours, and, when listening to the prayers of His servants, He must take many factors into account. Yet we should confidently bring our petitions to God. In doing so, we are putting our case before the very Ruler of the Universe.

So guess what I will be doing today…. Opening mail, removing my own mountains and bringing those as a petition before my Lord. Afterall these are in my zone of responsibility. Tuesday is a great day to start!


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