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I lied

My worst day is your best day. When I say I’m fine, I’m really lying. What’s it really like to live with SLE. I hate it. Actually I’ve been fighting a fever for two weeks, a pesty headache, throwing up my food, mad at medications, confused about what next and grieved that my normal is nowhere near your normal…..whatever that means…. In all this I realize one thing, I could not begin to do what I do daily without God, Dave and JD. When I say Lupus stinks, I mean it wholeheartedly. I just broke fever yet once again. All this just to be home with my family…. Finally I’m being honest… at least to myself— He already knows. He always knows.


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  1. Hi Marie,
    Good luck and prayers are with you in 2014, I didn’t realize you were battling such a difficult disease. I hope all can be done to help get some balance in your life. I also enjoying reading your posts, you have a special talent for writing and for counseling in am sure! Today was the first time I had time to read them.
    Charlotte Otto ms, LPC-S

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