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My Spouse Needs a New Engine! Can you Fix Her?

What is a promise? It is a Vow or a pledge. When you exchanged wedding vows you pledged your undying love to her. You made a vow to love, honor and cherish one another in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, for better, for worse, and forsaking all others, to be faithful to each other for as long as you both shall live. What does this mean?

It means exactly as it states. These are not just spoken words that get you closer to the end of a ceremony, but these are words that are exchanged with God, husband and wife. To love is a verb. It is to be in love with her/him, to care for her/him, to love on her/him, and husbands to Christ on her, to make soup or sandwiches when she is tired and feels ill, and to be at peace that some meals may be simple and humble, to bring meals in bed when one is ill, it is to rub ones tired feet, it is to understand in love and patience when there are dishes in the sink, it is to cherish as if the finest china or most exquisite diamond, it is to walk through the mud and the muck of financial situations together but never alone, it is to keep all you do in the light, no darkness, no secrets, it is to carry one another through depression, through disease, through heartache. It means we are to remain faithful not just in our bedrooms, and intimate moments but with our eyes, with our minds, to keep ourselves pure with one another. It means all the time. It means that we support and love one another through the storms and the battles.

We are not like cars that can be traded in for a better model a newer model. WE ARE THE BEST MODEL, the best model because we have been chosen, and a covenant has been made that two have covenanted to become one, never to be separated for “as long as we both shall live.”  We are one in Christ. What God has joined together let no man or woman separate!

David and I have shared over 30 years together. He is my friend, he is my best friend, my confidant, my one true love, my sweetheart, my honey, my baby, I even call him dad. That must be because I feel safe with him. ‘Dad’ is a protector. God is my Father, my ultimate daddy. Dave is my safety (dad). We have certainly seen our share of ups and downs, and sometimes it feels as if we get the neighbors downs as well. Sure has felt like we went through the mud and the muck for a long time. Together we have overcome but not alone. Only in Christ did we learn that it’s not about us, it is about one. The ‘one’ that we made a vow to become. When you become ‘one,’ you lose sight of being selfish and simply wanting things your way, trying to change one another. We are one!

Guess what we learned after the selfish years? I like my model of a spouse just fine, in fact He runs really good.  The more you oil your engine and adjust the steering, continue to handle with care, you might find that your model just needs attending to.

I pray that the Lord speak blessing to you today and that you would think and pray about becoming one.

— Ann Marie Godines, MS LPC








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