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In the Moment

It’s 2:30 in the morning, and my pain level is an 8. Headache is at it’s full impact, fever, and right behind my neck at the bottom of my head, both sides of neck, the joints are driving me mad.
My ankles, my knees and then my sacrum injury from the tumor, is so unbearable.

Not only do I have Lupus but I have Raynauds Disease which impacts both of my hands. I scream out of frustration and the discomfort that I am currently enduring. I’m supposed to be sleeping but this entire lupus ordeal woke me up.
I also have nerve damage to my right leg from the tumor and cannot feel or function with that leg, hence painful to walk to bathroom, just drives me mad once again. I have Osteoarthritis at the wounded areas from tumor and with only one urether I have to go to the restroom constantly. So much for a steady sleep. I know I’m being dram!

Oh well! Oh well! Oh well!
I pray Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
My options: take medicine for fever and body aches but my rest and truth I know will come from Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

When I’m weak He is strong!

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