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I Believe and I will Follow You


Earlier today I was so overwhelmed with stress, trying to be there for those who needed me, ministry, then dealing with our business taxes, and modifying legal forms, my granddaughter, feeling ill and pain all over my body, yet I just really desired a pause in my day. Notes to be written for clients, files to be printed, forms to be emailed, phone calls to return, and all the many tasks involved in running a business on slow days. Overwhelmed with concern of large tax bills, and trying to find a blessing in the idea of paying large tax bills when I’m such a small business. I questioned God and asked how……where is our blessing in these tax bills. To think I’d question the one I am supposed to be obedient to. I had to drop all the tax files, stop reading and answering emails and drop to my knees and repent in obedience.

I had to find a revival in my body, my soul, my spirit. I needed God to breath on my day and comfort me through the chaos. So I found my special bible and found scripture to help me.

For every business executive who pays his tax bills on time to every person who has so many things on their to-do list, we recognize that we all live in a web of relationships dependent upon obedience to authority. Like a loving parent, God sets standards for our good and to protect us from evil and harm. God desires obedience motivated not by fear, but by love and trust. Ironically, obedience actually frees us up to enjoy life as God intended., because it keeps us from becoming entangled or enslaved to those things that distract us and cause us heartache. Even though God’s command is sometimes difficult, or doesn’t make sense from our human perspective, obedience will always bring blessing, joy, and peace.

Do what is right and good in the Lord’s sight, so all will go well with you….




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