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Godines Christian Academy Back in Session #11thGrade

Is it really the 11th grade?14184553_10157392968565154_7247724992737917223_n Where has time gone? How did we get this far and did I miss so much? I have 2 girls who I homeschooled graduated and my 3rd one has it the easiest. I realized I had spent all my energy in my daughters schooling that poor JD gets the “what’s left of me” and no exams. Today we decided that he will begin testing and learn to study as he now prepares for college. So onward to SAT preparations, college papers, harder classes and some serious schooling like never before. I’m giving him all of me to make sure he gets the best last two years of education I can give him. Go GCA!!! JD is becoming a Pastor so it’s my job to prepare him to study more Theology, lots of Business, Psychology and Social Sciences plus all the regular academics. Oh Jesus guide us and prepare a way for us. Let this school year be an example that will glorify you above all.




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