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Relational Aggression (RA): Bullying from Within

March 28, 2017

  By: Ann Marie Godines LPC, NCC Therapist at Because the Family Matters (BTFM) Ann Marie Godines opened her private practice in Corpus Christi on December of 2016 to provide therapeutic healing approaches to individuals, families and couples in the local and surrounding areas. “I believe that therapy is centered on the relationship between a… Read More ›


Godines Christian Academy Back in Session #11thGrade

Is it really the 11th grade? Where has time gone? How did we get this far and did I miss so much? I have 2 girls who I homeschooled graduated and my 3rd one has it the easiest. I realized I had spent all my energy in my daughters schooling that poor JD gets the “what’s… Read More ›