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He Steady’s My Heart: Living with Lupus

April 12, 2017

The day it all began. 2011 I don’t even know how it started. I felt pain, constant pain. They kept saying that with major surgery it would take me months to recuperate.  It is 2017 and I am still recovering, learning to live my life as normal as normal is to me. Saturdays is chemo… Read More ›


Months without meds. That was my option when I lost my insurance. I had felt the best I have ever felt since being diagnosed with Lupus in 2008. Every day I woke up early and was stable to work 10-14 hours daily plus be a doctoral student. One day, my husband lost his job and… Read More ›

Resigned, Defeated, Renewing

Lupus is a huge monster, one I’m not afraid to battle, but I can’t battle Lupus and the constant reaffirming of my credibility to those I am supervised by. It’s time for me to go. With a broken heart I resign and I will continue my journey through God alone, support from my closest friends… Read More ›

Preparing for another battle

Abnormal is what it read. Back to checking for tumors, blood clots and figuring out how to keep this tumor removed from attacking my heart and lung. I am strong and I am a fighter, however I’ve come upon a reality that I’m not ready for. Feels like I’ve fallen flat on my face. All this because… Read More ›

The Tumor that Changed My Life: Hearing God Speak When it Gets Really Noisy

My life changed October of 2011. I don’t even know how it started. I felt pain, constant pain. They kept saying that with major surgery it would take me months to recuperate. Then I also had to consider the stent living inside me. See I had reconstructive surgery on my insides. My bladder is no longer… Read More ›

In the Moment

It’s 2:30 in the morning, and my pain level is an 8. Headache is at it’s full impact, fever, and right behind my neck at the bottom of my head, both sides of neck, the joints are driving me mad. My ankles, my knees and then my sacrum injury from the tumor, is so unbearable…. Read More ›

Overcome with Grief – Over Joyed in His

Fever, pain, nausea and still not able to keep food in.,,, or Crackers down, gave till my body hurt, right side pain? Chest pain, And leg doing it’s thing…,,wants to give up. I thought we agreed not this day. I feel some days that I can’t even catch a break. My body is bruised all… Read More ›

Determined in Faith

Thought I might put some of my emotional content into words, perhaps giving it a voice. It seems that it is that time of year where we re-evaluate our medical bills, medical treatments and determine if I can try to journey through Lupus without the chemo. Something new for us. I am thankful for the… Read More ›

I lied

My worst day is your best day. When I say I’m fine, I’m really lying. What’s it really like to live with SLE. I hate it. Actually I’ve been fighting a fever for two weeks, a pesty headache, throwing up my food, mad at medications, confused about what next and grieved that my normal is… Read More ›

You’ve Got Mail!

How could I switch to electronic mail when I don’t even like the tangible mail that comes in. I could delete the mail or ignore it, but then I’d be in a heap load of financial trouble. They just keep stacking up. Every day I dread opening the mail for there will be yet another Cigna… Read More ›